Labelling Checks

Balancing the marketing creative with legal need

Proof reading before printing = less wasted material and cost

No labelling issue too big or small

“Enabling customers to make informed choices about their food and what they eat”

Fixed price label and menu checks available now! Starting from £75 per label/menu with discounts available for multiple label checks.

In today’s time-pressured society, where customer decisions to purchase food are made in under 1 second, it is important to ensure your product stands out from the crowd. Clear and attractive branding is key. Trying to satisfy both the marketing need and the legal requirements can be tricky.

The cost of navigating your way through the vast number of different food labelling and food information regulations and all they contain, and then applying all that information to your business and your food products can soon mount up. It can be more cost effective to get an independent, professional opinion on your artwork and designs before they are printed and the product marketed, to ensure that all the legal boxes are ticked and to save time and money in the long run.

Farm-Fork Labelling Checks

“You can take a 2lb bag of sugar and slap a label on it that says “100% Fat Free” and while factually true; this is unbelievably misleading” – Jason Vale

From simple proof-reading to advice on in-depth complex issues such as nutrition and health claims, I am here to help. I can advise you on all areas of food labelling and information including menus, labels, advertisements, invoices and supplier information, packets and overall presentation to ensure that they are legally acceptable and, where possible, future proof.

All my comments, observations, feedback and guidance will be clearly explained with, where needed, practical and proportionate suggestions for improvement given.

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